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My wish-list for yet another programming language

I’ve collected my notes on various language features and tools that I wish were more common in modern “general-purpose” languages. Some of them are already available in some languages, some of them are wild ideas that I’m not sure will ever work… this is more like a brain-stormed list of things that address some of […]

Changing the outer world

Coders’ work is all about the inner world: ideas, concepts, logic, abstractions. Mindfulness. It’s difficult not to be sucked into “the Zone” after you’ve learned programming: it feels magical how a snippet of text typed into a machine can cause it to do something cool. The inner world is neat and tidy, and you’ve practically […]

Corporate memome

Dawkins writes that he introduced the term “meme” as analogue for “gene”: memes replicate themselves in the cultural pool like genes replicate themselves in the gene pool. So then, I think, companies should be referring to “corporate memome”, rather than “corporate DNA”. I assume, most companies are actually more interested in evolving the ideas in […]

Why meditation didn’t work for me

Tried practicing regular meditations after reading “Search Inside Yourself”, but couldn’t get into the habit. Upon further reflection I realized that I use practices similar to mindfulness meditation as part of my everyday work process, and that’s why I may not feel the value of the dedicated meditation time aside. Mindfulness meditation is all about […]