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Test-driving Rust: array slices and lifetimes

Last month I took an exciting new class on Coursera called Bioinformatics: finding hidden messages in DNA, sequencing antibiotics, stuff like that. In the class they introduce algorithms to work with DNA sequences, which, from the algorithm’s perspective, are just vectors of characters-nucleotides. The graded exercises provide you with some input files, you run your […]

C++ curiosities: one does not simply move a const object

When I learned about the C++11 move semantics for the first time, it was mighty confusing to me. My mental model of moving something, as in “move a physical object from point A to point B”, was clearly not an adequate mental model for what C++11 calls “moving an object”. And one of the examples […]

Rust syntax highlighter for Far Colorer

Published a minimal schema for Rust syntax highlighting for FarColorer. Without the new schema, FarColorer plugin in Far Manager picks C++ syntax highlighter for Rust source code files, and while it does look somewhat “rusty”, it is difficult to read: With the new schema: Rust keywords are recognized; comments are recognized (without nested syntax highlighting […]

C++ curiosities: move semantics, sizeof, areaof, and pointy types

This post continues the topic raised in “C++ curiosities: move semantics is not about moving”. Last time we’ve seen how a move operation can be split into 2 steps: “shallow copying” and “destructor disarmament”. This time I’ll show a way of using “areaof” to understand the benefits of move operations on a given type, and […]

Mini-update on flatbuffers-with-spirit

There’s not a whole lot of news about flatbuffers-with-spirit since the last time I blogged about it, but I’ve followed up on some todo-items: I have filed a few bugs for CLion based on my experience; I have restructured the project to move tests into a separate Biicode block from the implementation (so that now, […]