About me

At the moment I write in C++ for a living, and I’m blogging about C++ and related topics for software developers like myself. I’m also interested in a wide range of topics in software engineering, software architecture, and other programming and natural languages.

I like StackOverflow and StackExchange sites, and take time to answer some questions over there.

I started learning programming in school, in late 90’s, first in LOGO, then in Pascal for a few years, I competed in ACM programming contests. In university I also took part in the competitions, but switched from Pascal to C++, and I’ve entered the software industry business during that time by selling a little accounting program I wrote in Delphi to a few local stores in my hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia. After graduation I programmed professionally in C# for about 7 years. I still love C#, LINQ and .NET and sometimes I use LinqPad as my scripting tool. Around 2012 I started reading about the “Modern C++” and was very excited about the changes in the standard, so I found a full-time C++ job at at Tableau Software and working on improving performance using modern C++.

Got a question: ask @yacoder

My CV: http://stackoverflow.com/story/yacoder

[To be continued… Future<Max> is still under construction]

Disclaimer: in this blog I express my personal opinions, not speak for my employer.