Why meditation didn’t work for me

by Max Galkin

Tried practicing regular meditations after reading “Search Inside Yourself”, but couldn’t get into the habit. Upon further reflection I realized that I use practices similar to mindfulness meditation as part of my everyday work process, and that’s why I may not feel the value of the dedicated meditation time aside.

Mindfulness meditation is all about strong attention focus, deep awareness of the reality and crystal clear comprehension, but all of these are also part of any involved reasoning process. When I’m trying to solve a system design problem, I start by refreshing the knowledge of the relevant details, arrange them in my mental environment in some convenient order, and when all set, I just, well, stare at them in my mind until something comes up, I see a pattern in the chaos, or the complexity untangles in another way. Somewhere along that process there is a point of pure mindfulness, after all the analysis and thinking there is a moment of silent observation and the joy of understanding of some more fundamental truth.