Favorite books: Three men in a boat

Probably the funniest book ever written.  Is in public domain. How good one feels when one is full — how satisfied with ourselves and with the world! People who have tried it, tell me that a clear conscience makes you very happy and contented; but a full stomach does the business quite as well, and […]

Mastery is a mindset

Mastery is a mindset. According to Dweck, people can hold two different views of their own intelligence. Those who have an “entity theory” believe that intelligence is just that — an entity. It exists within us, in a finite supply that we cannot increase. Those who subscribe to an “incremental theory” take a different view. […]

Why meditation didn’t work for me

Tried practicing regular meditations after reading “Search Inside Yourself”, but couldn’t get into the habit. Upon further reflection I realized that I use practices similar to mindfulness meditation as part of my everyday work process, and that’s why I may not feel the value of the dedicated meditation time aside. Mindfulness meditation is all about […]

The grand summary of social science knowledge

 … the editor-compiler of 1045 grand summary findings about human behavior that had some reasonable supporting evidence offered a threefold grander summary of social science knowledge: (1) some do, some don’t; (2) the differences aren’t very great; (3) it’s more complicated than that. —  “Beautiful Evidence” by Edward Tufte, quoting Berelson & Steiner “Human behavior: […]

1980 Turing Award Lecture by Tony Hoare

The Emperor’s Old Clothes by Anthony Hoare. A must-read. On Quicksort: I start my story in August 1960, when I became a programmer with a small computer manufacturer, a division of Elliott Brothers London Ltd., where in the next eight years I was to receive my primary education in computer science. My first task was to […]